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    Nora rubbed her eyes and yawned, “Morning Ren!”

    He hopped out of bed quickly and grabbed her small hand leading her to the mirror and showed Nora her own reflection with a worried expression.

    Nora stared into the mirror and began laughing, “Is this a prank Jaune made you do?? Hehehee! This is a cool mirror! How does it work?”

    "Nora." He said to make her take it more seriously and looked into the mirror himself to show in comparison that it was just her.

    Still a little puzzled Nora stared into the mirror, “Did Weiss do this or something? I’m confused!” She pouted.

    "I dont know what happened, but it will hopefully ware off." He said reassuringly, but uncertain.

    "What if it doesn’t? Should we go talk to principal?" Nora furrowed her eyebrows


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    “The story about where volcanoes come from” 

    This is the most beautiful story I’ve ever read about the creation of volcanoes 

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    Good kisser;)

    Good kisser

    After seeing a strange but convincing post on her dash, Sarah decides to test its theory. She begins holding her breath—an easy task for a first-chair clarinet—and carefully clicks “reblog”. The post becomes lighter as the loading icon appears, spinning in the center like the circle of life itself. Suddenly, her computer shuts down as it runs out of battery. The girl frantically begins searching for her laptop charger, still holding her breath with a determined will. She won’t lose this fight. As her computer begins to turn on, she pounds the wall beside her in frustration as she notices the Windows mandatory update screen—once a simple annoyance, it is now the key that seals her fate. “Come on, come on!” she whispers, afraid to use up too much of her precious air supply, now dwindling as the percentage slowly increases. 35%. Her lungs are on fire, but she cannot give up. 50%. Black spots begin to cloud her vision. 70%. Feeling faint, she leans back and tries to keep her racing mind focused on the task at hand. 85%. Mere seconds remain. 99%. … Just as it hits 100%, her screen comes to life, but the girl can’t take it anymore and promptly passes out, knocking over the poorly-placed lit candle on her dresser. It ignites the pile of school papers on the ground, and within minutes the whole house is ablaze. Fortunately, Sarah lives alone, and only one life is taken in the tragic accident. It’s a shame that she put so much trust in the internet with such a personal matter as kissing. Perhaps she should’ve just asked her girlfriend instead, thus saving all of this trouble.

    reblog or sarah’s lips will haunt you and give you bad luck for eight years

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    Playing Animal Crossing like


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    Casual Yang~

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    Let’s play together!

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    RWBY - Directed by Michael/Monty Bay Part 2

    Part 1

    - puts head down on table - why this.

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    I found a baby pug at the pet store, she was everything I imagined and more.


    Free her

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